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January 18, 2017

Cleaning Up Clementon

Cleaning up Clementon Program

Pressure Tech, LLC would like to introduce a new program to provide $6,000 in charitable cleaning services to low income, veteran and elderly residents as well as government buildings/property, churches and non-profit organizations. Services will be spread out over 6 months, April thru September. For each month, $1,000 will be split between residents and government/churches/non-profit organizations.



  • Must be a resident of the Borough of Clementon; and
  • Low income resident; and/or
  • Military veteran; and/or
  • Fixed income elderly resident

Government Buildings/Property


Non-Profit Organizations (Proof of non-profit status required)

Selection Process


All applicants will be assigned a ID number, there will be a drawing every month to decide the winner of the cleaning services. This unique user ID will be used in drawings each month to determine the winner of the cleaning services. You only need to submit your application once, non-winning residents will be entered into future drawings. Drawings will be streamed live via Facebook, follow us to receive updates. As a reminder, this program is intended for only low income, veteran or elderly residents of Clementon, NJ.


Pressure Tech, LLC will meet with leaders of these organizations to discuss cleaning needs.

Cleaning up Clementon Application Form

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Organization (if applicable):
Services Requested:*
Special Notes:
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